Currency Trading Basics in India

Are you new in the field of forex trading?

If you are new in this field of currency trading and you don’t know currency trading basics, then reading this article on currency trading may be useful for you. Currency trading in India is also known as forex trading and it is simply an act of buying and selling foreign currencies against each other. Starting forex trading doesn’t require a heavy investment. You can start your currency trading even by a small amount. A Few years ago people were quite skeptical in trading their money in the market but now the general thinking of people has changed and gradually people have started trading in currency market in India. But it is also a fact that all these trades which are based on the market have certain risks.

Do you have any idea about the trade which has certain risks? If you are a beginner or new to this trade then it is necessary for you to gain some knowledge about the trade by consulting some experts. You can earn a lot by doing forex trading but you have to learn some basics and it is also necessary to take some tips and strategies from the experts.

Forex trading has distinctive benefits in comparison to some other types of trading opportunities but especially for beginners it may be a little bit confusing. Any type of business has two components-success and failure. But it is the desire of every trader to earn by forex trading. So to earn by forex trading online, follow some expert’s tips:

Tip # 1 Know How of Forex Market – Before entering into the market of trading it is necessary for the traders to know about this trading in detail. If you don’t have any prior experience and knowledge about the transactional requirements about the different currencies then online currency trading will be a difficult task for you. So you should go for some good forex education before starting your trading. Different types of online trading books are available in the market which will help you in making profits by trading as these books include free trials of trading software tips.

Tip # 2 Initially start with Forex Demo Account – Start your online forex trading by practicing on a Forex Demo account. 90% of the beginners are unable to succeed due to lack of practice, knowledge and discipline. Go for demo currency trading for at least 2 months. Before entering into the real market, this forex demo account sharpens and shapes up your skills

Tip # 3 – Follow the Trend – Try to start your forex online trading by observing the trend of the market. Maximize your chances to succeed by following the trend of the trade. For achieving success and making profits in the business, either you should make the trend of the market your best friend or in the other case it is necessary for the trader to have extraordinary attention and skills to achieve the perfect trading goals

Tip # 4 – Look at the larger time Frame-If you find yourself in a difficult position to find out the trend of the forex then choose the larger time frame. It will help you by giving the clear and bigger picture of market price and you will know about the trend of the market. This trading is related to the continuous up and down pattern of the market so it is advisable to choose a bigger time frame for knowing about the dominant trend unless and until you are a scalper. It is nothing but you just take a look at 1 hour charts, if you are trading for 15 minutes time frame

Tip # 5 Money Management Approach-Money management approach should be such that you should survive in this field for longer period, even in unfavorable market conditions. Try to become a successful trader. Experts always advice the traders, not to risk more than 2-3% of their total trading account. Don’t lose your total account in just 10-15 unprofitable trades in a row. It is your approach as well as the management of the money, that in the long run, two traders with same trading system can get different results

At last you should trade keeping in mind that, forex trading is a trading and it is related to profit and loss. So you should be calm and relaxed while trading and don’t involve your emotions. Another important currency trading basics in India includes spending some time in analyzing the market before you enter into any trade

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  1. Rajendra says

    Is it legal in India, if Legal can you explain how, because I have seen on internet RBI not allow for Forex Trading.
    KIndly reply, so I will start trading & Which good Broker for this
    Thank you

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Rajendra
      Forex Trading looks illedgal in India. Only authorised dealers including banks and some companies can do so. But a lot of individuals I know are doing it illegally. Take your own call. You are requested to trade in commodities and equities rather

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