Best Mutual Fund for SIP to invest in India

As we could see so often, we try to take the plunge only when we have gauged the water according to our liking. We all try to be perfectionist and try to pick the best option for ourselves, be it the best term plan, FD or best mutual fund for SIP.

Let’s take a look upon the options available in the mutual fund sphere where there are different investment options for an investor to put his hard-earned money, be it from large cap funds/mid cap funds/thematic or sectoral funds/or even tax saving funds such as ELSS. Let us try to decipher some of the top rated mutual funds in India and try to pick the best mutual funds to invest in according to our needs, risk-taking capacity, and time horizon

Best Mutual Fund for SIP

Best Mutual Fund for SIP

HDFC TOP 200 Fund

One of the most well known mutual fund is HDFC Top 200 fund. Almost all of the business channels as well as print media majorly highlight this fund and recommend it on a regular basis. This fund belongs to the “Large and Mid-cap” segment of mutual fund, which means that this fund invests in companies which by nature are large capital and mid capital sized. Large capital companies are mostly bluechip companies such as Reliance industries, Bharti Airtel, SBI bank etc and mid-capital companies are the ones which are placed one notch below the above mentioned companies. This fund has always been a performer fund which has given return of 11.54% over a period of last 3 years and 21.8% since its inception in 1996. Of late, its performance is not that spectacular but for long term investment, this fund is a good bet. We would recommend this fund for investors who are putting their money for medium to long term and seeking a high but stable kind of return. This fund is one of the best performing funds for SIP especially suited for first time investors as part of their core portfolio.

Fund Name

3 Years

Rs 3,60,000

5 Years

Rs 6,00,000

7 Years

Rs 8,40,000

HDFC Top 200 Fund

4,14,778 7,99,600 14,24,840

Fidelity Equity Fund

4,20,373 7,76,532 Not such Old Fund

ICICI Pru Discovery Fund

4,46,361 8,78,171 14,25,757

DSPBR Top 100 Fund

4,10,806 7,65,960 13,84,271

HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities

4,56,543 Not such Old Fund Not such Old Fund
Note: SIP of Rs 10000 per month is considered for making calculations


ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund

Again, one of the star performer of its category “Mid & Small” fund. These funds are quite risky in nature but also capable of generating huge returns. These funds by their objective, invest in those companies which are small in nature/scale of operation as of today but which are expected to outperform because of its management/resources/efficiency to emerge market leaders and be the large capital companies of the future. This fund has generated a return of 21.69% over a period of last 3 years and 13.93% since its inception in 2004. This fund is recommended for investors who are regular in mutual fund investment scenario or have invested earlier in the mutual funds and know how mutual fund works. This fund is recommended for someone who is willing to take risks in the short term, and willing to stay put with his investments for quite a long period of time. These funds are the ones which perform badly during bearish phase in the market but once market pick up pace or in the bull run, these funds out perform every other kind of fund.

DSP Blackrock Top 100 Fund

This fund is the rock bed of investment, especially meant for those investors who are looking for best of both worlds, capital safety as well as decent returns. This fund belongs to the category of large cap fund, means it will invest in only large capital companies – the ones which are huge in size with ample capital base, and have established themselves as leaders in their field. These type of funds are known to provide steady returns in all phases of the markets, neither too high and nor too low. These funds are meant for investors with “safety first” approach. This fund has given returns of 9.71% over the last 3 years and 15.58% since its inception in 2003. Highly efficient fund, recommended for everybody, all type of investors.

Reliance Pharma Fund

As the name itself suggest, is fund is a sectoral fund which invest in one particular sector, or group of companies which are operating in one particular sector. This fund is considered to be one of Top 10 mutual funds these days. These types of funds are quite risky, as no one can predict which sector is going to perform and when. These type of funds are meant for high-risk investors as well as knowledgeable investors who have some knowledge of the economy and know which sector is going to perform at a given period of the time. Although, Pharma sector as a whole is considered to be a defensive sector and provides consistent returns because the demand for medicines is never going to end even in bad economic times. Reliance Pharma fund has given returns to the tune of 42.3% over a period of last 3 years. It is meant only for those investors who are highly risk taking in nature and would not mind incurring losses even to the tune of complete wipe out of the capital.

HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund

Again, one of the best mutual fund for SIP focusing primarily on companies with middle capital capacity. These funds are actually belong to the risky category but they also have a huge potential of astronomical upside returns. As this fund itself has given returns of 22.21% over the last 3 years, shows that it can be of great value add to your overall portfolio, but still recommended for risk-taking investors.

Fidelity Equity Fund

This fund was once the hero of its category “Large and Small cap” funds. But since the exit of its parent company FIDELITY from India and since being taking over by L&T, this fund has become a kind of laggard and not performing to its usual standard of performance. Moreover, due to high redemption pressure – as more and more investor in this fund are opting out of this fund because of exit of Fidelity – this fund has come down from its high level to mid-level. As of now, would recommend  to avoid investment in this fund a fresh but those who are already invested in this fund, should wait and see for the performance for another quarter or so.


So these all funds are top mutual funds to invest in 2012 in India, well publicized as well as well marketed to the extent that most of the investor know about these funds but I hope we were able to shed some more light on the very nature of these funds and our readers/investors can select the best mutual fund for SIP according to their own personality and requirement.

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    • Dhawal Sharma says

      Dear Vempati ji,

      UTI Dividend Yield Fund is one of the top performing fund under LARGE & MID CAP (Equity) catagory. Its been rated as 5-star at by Mr Dhirender Kumar and its past performance is 12.5% in 3 years and 13.01% in 5 years..

      So i would say that you have made a good choice, and its future is quite bright..

      Dhawal Sharma

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Pallvi
      Thanks for commenting. Yes, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip is a good fund. But it is always advisable to review portfolio or your particular fund atleast after 18 to 24 months. You may comment on the same blog and ask if you can continue with the same fund or not after a year or so

      Thanks and keep visiting!!!

        • Dhawal Sharma says

          Dear Pallvi,

          This fund is good too..In fact, BSL Frontline Equity has always been in top quartile since its inception. you can start or continue with this fund..

          • Nine Million Dollars says

            Hi Pallvi
            Yes Frontline Equity is a good fund, but I also like to go with top fund houses like RELIANCE, HDFC and ICICI. If you are investing in the said fund, also diversify your portfolio with funds from the above mentioned fund houses also

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Nagappan,
      If you are aged 46 (born 1966), and without knowing much about other things about you, I can suggest you to invest in

      1. HDFC Top 200 Fund
      2. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund
      3. ICICI Focused Bluechip Fund
      4. Reliance Pharma Fund
      Nine Million Dollars

  1. Raj Kumar Jena says

    Hi, I am investing on mutual fund from last yer at 8K per month also I wanted to increase it by another 2/3K this month. below are the mutual funds where i am investing, please advise me if my portfolio looks good and what new funds I should add into it

    1. hdfc top 200 – 2k per month
    2. dsp blackrock – 2k per month
    3- hdfc balanced – 2k per month
    4- idfc premier equity – 2K per month

    Please advice me to make my portfolio good.


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Raj Kumar, all the above mentioned funds are equity funds. without knowing your age and risk appetite, difficult to comment. But the funds are good. You have also not mentioned the full name of DSP Black Rock Fund

  2. Gowreeswar says


    I want to invest for my baby (6 months ) for his education arount 3k per month. Which SIP do you suggest.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      You may go with equity mutual funds like ICICI Pru discovery Fund, Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund

  3. Raju says

    Hi ,

    I am Planning to invest 5k/month in Mutual Funds through SIP. I am a Beginer for this Investment. My age is 25 years. Planning to invest to a min of 5 years. Please Suggest 2 or 3 Funds. Also Advice abt Franklin Templton BlueChip Fund.

    Thank you.

  4. A Jain says

    I am 26 years old and want to invest 10k per month. Please suggest two plans – 5k each. I am looking at long term.

  5. Sarang says


    I am investing in ICICI Pru Discovery Fund and HDFC Top 200 Rs.5000 each i want to increase my investment to make it a total of Rs.20000 a month. i am 28 years old and can take part in risky funds as well. Please suggest me some funds which i can regularly invest for a minimum period of 5 years and max of 10 years.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Other good funds can be Reliance Pharma Fund and Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund

      Nine Million Dollars

  6. POPO GAA says

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    i’m 26 years old and planing to invest in Mutual Funds and Sector fund through SIP of Rs.10,000/-pm for 10 years. As a beginner, i don’t have much investment knowledge. Here i chose some funds but not sure of stable assets and funds allocation. Please suggest me What, Why and How. Your affective suggestion will be my value value investment.

    Sector fund:
    1. SBI Magnum FMCG Fund
    Large & Mid Cap Funds:
    1. DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity
    2. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity
    3. HDFC Top 200
    Mid & Small Cap Funds:
    1. IDFC Premier Equity Plan A

    Kindly suggest me on the above funds and what amount should I invest in each fund. And any alteration recommend will be more helpful.
    Thank you.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Good selection of funds. You may choose to invest equally in all the funds mentioned above

      Nine Million Dollars

  7. Vikas Vyas says


    I am 39 and have been investing in MFs since 2008 and my portfolio is currently 6.8 lacs. I have below funds in my Portfolio and investing regularly through SIP @ 4K per month for each of the below 4 funds.

    DSP Top 100 (Large Cap), HDFC Prudence (Hybrid), Reliance Regular Saving Equity (Multi Cap), ICICI Pru-Discovery (Mid and Small Cap)

    The below funds are in ‘Hold’ and I have stopped SIP. I would ideally like to distribute these equally to above funds.

    HDFC Top 200 , DSP Equity, IDFC Sterling Mid & Small Cap.

    Is my portfolio well diversified with no significant overlapping please. I am looking for long term for capital appreciation. I was thinking of adding QTE to the above as Large and Mid Cap category.

    Please advise.



    • Nine Million Dollars says


      The funds you selected are quite good. Ideally I would suggst
      1. HDFC Top 200 or HDFC Equity
      2. ICICI Pru Discovery OR HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities
      3. I also lay focus on Reliance Pharma OR SBI Magnum FMCG Fund
      4. DSP Equity

      • Vikas Vyas says


        Thank you for your response.

        Just one quick query. Is DSP Equity still a good fund. I thought it has been decline since last couple of years.


        • Nine Million Dollars says

          It is a average to good fund. In the same category, you might consider options like HDFC Equity, HDFC Top 200

    • Dhawal Sharma says

      Hi Pallvi..

      Yes, about 5% to 10% of overall portfolio should consist of Gold. And GOLD SIP is the best option to go about it. I would recommend KOTAK Gold Fund rather than BSL because of its lower expense ratio and greater exposure to gold..

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Looking at your age, invest 25% of your corpus in fixed deposits, 75% of your savings in equity mutual funds like HDFC Equity Fund

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Keshav
      After doing all the necessary calculations, You need to invest Rs 4500 per month in equity funds and assume 15% returns and you may end up getting Rs 40 LAKHS after 17 years from now

  8. Amrit Jena says

    Hi, i am 2 months old in my first job.i am 23.i want 2 start investing around a sum of 6000 in SIPs.i want to have a portfolio both for mid-term(5-7yrs) as well as long-term(15yrs).plz help me to pick the right funds.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Amrit
      If you are looking to invest Rs 6000 per month, then start up a SIP of Rs 4000 in HDFC Top 200 Fund and ICICI Pru Discovery Fund (both Rs 2000) for long term financial goals and another Rs 2000 SIP in HDFC Prudence Fund which is a balanced fund for mid term goals

  9. POPO GAA says

    please guide me sir in selecting the best, reliable and most secured online portal to do sip mutual funds.

    thank you.

  10. Mrs.Jo says


    I am 29 and would like to invest 25k/month in mutual funds for both long term and mid-term goals. Can you please suggest the best options and how much to invest in each.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Yes, you may choose mutual funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund and ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Fund.

  11. Vir says


    I am 30 Yrs Old and plan to invest 15-20K pm in MF SIP in the following funds, please suggest, if I need to change any MF from below. I am a moderate risk taker.
    Can you please help to diversify these funds in monthly SIP’s for a target of 50 Lakhs after 10 Yrs.

    ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity
    DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity
    HDFC Top 200
    HDFC Equity
    IDFC Premier Equity Plan A
    Kotak Gold ETF
    ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Vir
      You have really done a good selection of funds. You may add HDFC Mid Opportunities to the above portfolio

      Nine Million Dollars

  12. Johnson Thomas says

    Hi ,
    Below is the portfolio in which I have invested currently and is active.
    Please let me know if its good and well diversified or if I need to change something:

    Can Robeco Eqty TaxSaver (D) – 1000Rs
    Franklin India Tax Shield (D) – 1000Rs
    Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) (D) – 1000Rs

    Large Cap:
    UTI Opportunities Fund (G) – Rs 1000

    Small and Mid cap:
    SBI Magnum Emerging Busi (G) -Rs 500

    Now I want to invest in Diversified Fun as well, but not getting the right one.
    After a research in web sites, following diversified funds seems doing well, but which one could better ?

    Bilra SL India GenNext (G)
    Mirae (I) Opportunities-RP (G)
    Quantum Long-Term Equity (G)
    Reliance Equity Oppor – RP (G)
    UTI Equity Fund (G)
    UTI India Lifestyle Fund(G)
    UTI MNC Fund (G)

    Johnson Thomas


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Johnson Thomas,
      1. You may select HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities and Reliance Equity Opportunities from mid cap space (select not more than two from mid cap space)
      2. You may discontinue with Franklin India Tax Shield
      3. Look to invest in growth options, rather than dividend options

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Ramakant
      Assuming 15% returns from mutual funds, even if you invest Rs 4000 monthly as SIP, you wont be able to accumulate more than 11 Lakhs after 10 years. Increase your time horizon or you may look to start with Rs 4000 sip and in 3 years try to increase it Rs 10000 per month as your salary rises to achieve your target financial goal

  13. jasion says

    Hi !
    I am now 34years old male and married .I have a 4 month old daughter.Iam working in a Company.I dnt have any investment as such.
    Please suggest me how to go about it.
    20,000- per month amount i can keep a side for investment.
    I am looking for 10 years time ,with a return of 1.5cr.
    Please help us.
    With Regards

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Jasion
      If you are looking to achieve a financial goal of 1.5 Crores after 10 years
      1. You need to invest 100% money in equity funds and expect 15% returns
      2. You need to invest atleast Rs 60000 per month, Rs 20,000 would help you accumulate close to 55 lakhs after 10 years
      OR To achieve a target of Rs 1.5 Crores with Rs 20000 monthly investment, you need to increase your time horizon to 16 years

      Nine Million Dollars

      • jasion says

        Thank You sir for the reply.
        If i increase my time horizon to 16 years to achieve Rs1.5cr,Then where should i invest ,which all funds,allocation of amount for each fund.
        Should i do sip year to year or continuos 16 years.
        With Regards

        • Nine Million Dollars says

          Hi Joseph
          You may invest in funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund, ICICI Pru bluechip fund

  14. Nitin Sharma says

    Hi!!! I am 30 yrs old, and have invested in Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Fund ELSS (Dividend Reinvestment)…I have accumulated around 150000 through SIP (Rs 3000)…However the fund is not doing very good right now,..Please advice should I switch the fund or close it? If switch, then which fund under Birla Sun life, as I dont want to break the SIP. Thanks.

    Nitin Sharma

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      You can go with ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund. I dont find any good fund from Birla Sun life family

  15. sudheer says

    hi i want to invest 5k permonth for my short term goals i.e less than 5year.
    which is best way to get high returns

  16. Joy Regina says

    Dear Sir,

    I am 30 yrs Old,Working In Muscat.I have invested in the Below Funds.Kindly advise whether I am in the right track of Investment.I have an elder son of 7 Yrs and younger son of 4 months .
    Reliance Regular Savings – Rs 1000, Diversified Power sector – Rs 1000 ,Equity opportunities Fund – Rs 2000 and Pharma Fund – Rs 2000
    HDFC Mid cap Opportunities – Rs 1000 & Top 200 Fund – Rs 5000
    Sundaram SMILE Fund – Rs 2000
    SBI Magnum Emerging Business – Rs 1000
    ICICI Discovery – Rs 1000 & Technology Fund – Rs 1000
    DSP Small & Midcap – Rs 1000 , Micro Cap Fund – Rs 1000
    Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund – Rs 1000
    Fidelity Equity Fund -Rs 1000
    Franklin India Blue Chip Rs 5000

    I am investing for the Last 1 Yr .
    I can further invest Rs 10000.I have a Home Loan EMI of Rs 36800 ,Can I do further SIP’s or try to do part repayment for my Housing Loan.

    Kindly advise me further funds if I can Invest and advise me whether the above funds are good for the Long run.I can invest for the next 10- 15 years Hopefully!!


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Dinesh,
      Limit the number of funds in your portfolio to not more than 4 to 5
      There should be 3 large cap funds, one mid cap fund and one thematic fund
      You should expect 15% returns if invested for next 15 years
      You can choose to invest additional Rs 10000 as you mentioned, but make sure you have not more than 5 funds in your portfolio to avoid over diversification
      You can invest in funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip, Birla Sun Life Top 100, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund and Reliance Pharma Fund

  17. kuber nath pandey says

    hi, i am 33 yrs old and want to start investing in MF SIPs for my daughters education and marriage, i wish to invest in total 10k per month with 2k in various funds, kindly suggest through mail
    thanks in advance

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Kuber
      You can invest in HDFC Mid cap opportunities, ICICI Focused Bluechip, Axis Long Term Equity Fund, HDFC Balanced Fund and Reliance Pharma Fund

  18. mukesh says

    I am 34 yrs want to invest 6000 pm in mf sip to get 1 crore after 21 years.suggest me best mf sip to get 1 crore after 21 yrs.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Mukesh
      Go ahead with HDFC Prudence Fund (25% portfolio), 10% in fixed deposits or FMP and remaining 65% in equity funds like HDFC Mid Cap opportunities and ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip

  19. manish says


    i am 29 years old and currently i am doing the following investments (started in december 2011)
    HDFC top 200 —- 4K monthly SIP
    DSP BR top 100 —- 3K monthly SIP

    other then this i have taken a 2 term plan each of 50Lakh from aegonreligare and HDFC life. i wanted to invest another 5 to 6 k monthly. can you please suggest me some good investment plan. i also need to invest 20 K under 80C so i am not knowing where i should invest this. whether i should buy some gold via commodity market or gold EFT ? please suggest me some good financial planning..

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Manish

      Handling your query, You have chosen two funds that is HDFC Top 200 and DSPBR Top 100. You can continue with HDFC Top 200 and may look to change DSPBR Top 100.

      If you are looking to invest additional Rs 6000, you can go with HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund or ICICI Pru Discovery Fund.

      For tax saving purpose, I would suggest you either HDFC Tax Saver or Axis Long Term Equity Fund (tax saving fund)

  20. Sandeep says

    I am 29 yrs old & newly married. My take home salary is 40k, out of which 12k goes towards car loan as EMI (4 more years to go). I want to invest 10k in Mutual funds. Am planning to purchase a home in 5 years from now (Budget around 40-50 Lac). Please advise me as to which mutual funds should I go in for and which funds should I go in for to save tax.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Sandeep
      You may go with ICICI Pru Discovery Fund and Reliance Equity Opportunities and for tax savings- go with HDFC Tax Saver

  21. sanjay says

    I am 48 years old. I have SIP investments of 22K :
    DBS black rock Small and mid cap 2500
    HDFC equity-Multi Cap 4000
    HDFC top 200-Large cap 2500
    HDFC Mid-Cap Oppor. Fund(G) 3000
    IDFC PREM Equity Fund-Multicap 2000
    ICICI focussed blue chip 4000
    UTI opportunty 4000
    I want to invest further 10K in SIPs, pl suggest Mutual funds.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Sanjay
      I like all the mutual funds which you have mentioned above. You may go with any one of the above funds. Dont try to over diversify portfolio

  22. ROOPESH says

    plz to give me advice in which fund I have to invest 2000 p.m for at least 5years for gating
    gane of rupess 2 laks & more

  23. NILESH says


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Nilesh
      It look like you need an overhaul to your mutual fund portfolio. You are requested to shift to funds like ICICI Pru Discovery Fund, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities, HDFC Equity Fund and Reliance Pharma

  24. prashant says

    I have started a sip of rs10000 in june 2012 in following fund
    Icici pru discovery,icici dynamic, icici focused bluechip, icici balanced fund and icici regular gold savings fund.of rs 2000 each.
    I want to increase further rs 30000. in sip. My age is 36yrs. I have taken a home loan of rs6000000. i want to invest for 5yrs.please suggest me funds to invest and whether to continue investing in above fund.
    Thank you.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Prashant
      You may diversify your funds across various AMCs like HDFC Top 200 Fund, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Fund, HDFC Prudence Fund, IDFC Premier Equity Fund and Reliance Pharma Fund

  25. sandeep says

    i m 35 yrs old , i have one dayughter of 7 yrs old , for her her better education i want to sip investment upto 5 k per month atleast 10 yrs so pls suggest me the best return fund

  26. jagadish says

    I am a Govt Employee of salary is around 35k I am investing 10000 in PF and 1000 sip in UTI child career balanced fund & 1000 in Birla sun gold scheme I want to know my investment are right? and also tell me which is the best gold MF

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Jagadish
      Your investment seem to be right. You can consider more money in equity funds vis-a-vis PPF. You can choose Reliance Gold Savings Fund

  27. says

    I am nearly 43 years old. I have other investment.But still I want to invest through SIP under any CHildren oriented FUnd( i have son ,who is 12 yrs old.) COuld U plz suggest which Fund I will go? I will invest for 5 yrs only.

  28. says

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Ankit Johri and I am 32 yrs old. From Last one year I am investing in :
    – HDFC Top 200 Fund – Growth – INR 2000.00

    I am planning to invest 1000 more in any other mutual fund. I am looking for 15yrs.
    I have no issues in closing the current mutual fund if you advise.
    Please suggest.

  29. Kavita Pawaskar says


    I am Kavita Pawaskar.I m 29Yrs Old.I want to invest in Gold ETF and Gold SIP for daughter .She is just 2.5Yrs .Please if you could suggest me some good Gold ETF and Gold SIP Plans .Looking for Long term Investment. And also if you can help me names of good broking firm whose amc charges and account charges are low.

    Awaiting for your revert.


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Kavita
      You can opt for a combination of Reliance or HDFC Gold ETF and investing in Reliance Gold Savings Fund
      The best broking houses with low charges can be less known like SMC Global, Fortune, Angel Broking

  30. soma says


    I have a surplus of 50k every month after all my expenses.
    I want to invest 50k in mutual funds every month through SIP.
    goal : retirement (i am 32 years and planning to retire at 60)
    risk : i am ready to take extra risk as i have more time.
    Can you help me with the funds/portfolio in which i should put my SIP for 50k

    Thank you

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Soma

      You have good amount to invest. I would suggest you to invest Rs 25000 in mutual funds every month and additionally, you may look to buy a small flat in outskirts for Rs 15 Lakhs for which you may start a EMI of remaining Rs 25000.

      For mutual funds, invest in HDFC Top 200, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip & HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities, Reliance Pharma

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Manoj. The best mutual funds for retirement for next 20 years are HDFC Top 200, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip and HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities.Must review your portfolio after every year

    • Dhawal Sharma says

      Dear Manoj..

      You can also look for TATA RETIREMENT SAVING FUND, exclusively for Retirement planning purposes..

  31. anil says

    I am 27 years old, planning to invest on mutual fund. i want to get more than crore in another 20 years. please suggest me the best one to invest, i have plan to purchase Car, House (approax 60 LK). how much i need to invest and what are the risk factors? i am single as of now.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Anil
      A SIP of Rs 10000 per month can fetch you around 1.5 Crores after 20 years for your long term future planning.Another SIP of Rs 10000 per month would give you around 8.85 Lakhs after 5 years for your home down payment assuming 15% returns in mutual funds.You may invest in ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities

  32. Nair says

    I have the following MF’s in my portfolio at present.
    – SBI Emerging Business Fund – Growth

    Can you please advise if this is a strong portfolio or should I diversify? How much monthly investment would you recommend in each of these? Any recommended debt funds that I should invest in? Thanks!

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hello Mr. Nair

      You can continue to invest in ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip & SBI EMerging and look for further investments in HDFC Top 200 Fund and Reliance Pharma Fund. You can invest in HDFC funds if you are looking for a good debt fund

  33. snp says

    I am 40 and my current portfolio looks like this.
    – Equity Stocks: 7 Lakhs
    – MF’s: 2,51,000/-
    – FD: 6 Lakhs (contingency fund)
    – Gold: 10 Lakhs
    – Liquid Cash: 5 Lakhs

    – LIC-Jeevan Anand: Premium 82,000/- per annum (15 Lakhs sum assured, started 2012, maturity value around 37 lakhs in 20 years).
    – PPF: 1 Lakh per annum (for 15 years, started 2012).
    – Housing Loan EMI: 32,000/- (Total 30 Lakhs pending on a 17 years loan)
    I would like to have expert opinion and portfolio guidance for my future goals as below.

    – Retirement Corpus: 3 Crores (Time Horizon 15 years)
    – Child Education: 15 Lakhs (Time Horizon 15 years)
    – Child Marriage: 10 Lakhs (Time Horizon 20 years)
    – Closure of current home loan (Time Horizon 5 years)
    – Property purchase – 10 Lakhs (Time Horizon 3 years)
    – Additional corpus funds in hand – 10 Lakhs (Time Horizon 2 years)

    Looking for some expert opinion / guidance on this? What level of (aggressive) investment approach / monthly outgo should I be initiating to achieve this goal? What are the recommended MF’s for these goals?


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Snp
      Looking at your financial goals, your first financial goal of 3 Crores would be achieved by a monthly sip of 45000 per month assuming 15% annualised returns in mutual funds. You may alter your plans and come back

  34. Manoj Tewary says

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am new in mutual fund investment, and i am planning to invest Rs. 10,000 per month through SIP Mode.
    I am 27 year old and my invest horizon is more than 10 year.

    Request you to kindly guide me which funds i should select for making good portfolio.

    Please also let me know, MF investment through Fundsindia how reliable. or kindly suggest me better option through which i can invest in mutual fund.

    My last question, what are the Tax implications in mutual fund investment.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Manoj

      Looking at your age, you can invest in HDFC Mid cap opportunities fund, ICICI Pru discovery fund and Reliance Pharma Fund and HDFC Top 200 Fund

      Yes you can invest through fundsindia

  35. kartikey says

    I will need some 6 lacks rupees with next two years, how much should i target to save and where to invest, please suggest few options, i will be very very thankful to you

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Kartik
      You have a short term goal. For such options, I would advise you to invest 70% capital in debt funds or pure fixed deposits if you fall under lowest tax bracket, 30% of your monthly savings in equity funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund. You may invest around Rs 22000 per month in total

  36. S Shaikh says

    Hi, I need to save up about 15 Lakhs in next 5 years to invest for a house. I am 37 years old and can save upto 25000 pm. Kindly suggest what funds I should invest in and in what proportion.


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hello Mr Shaikh

      If you invest in mutual funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, ICICI Pru Discovery Fund, Axis Long Term Equity Fund, You can expect 15% returns in next 5 years and your corpus may reach around 22 Lakhs after 5 years

      • S Shaikh says

        Hi, Thanks for your valuable input. Please also suggest how much i can invest in each of them to achieve the goal.



    i want to invest 2500 pm to SIP which is the best for me to get high returns and tell me how many years to investment i m now 31 please suggest me

  38. Ankit Johri says

    Hi, My name is Ankit Johri and my age is 32.
    From last two years I am investing in
    Reliance Growth Fund – Growth (INR 2000.00 Monthly)
    HDFC Top 200 Fund – Growth (INR 2000.00 Monthly)

    I want to invest another 2000 monthly, which Mutual Fund I should choose. Looking for high returns for 10-15 years.
    Also, Shall I Close Reliance SIP as can’t see good returns.

  39. Manju says

    hello, my name is manjunath and my age is 30. i have invested in below
    1. ICICI pru life – life saver – 2k per month
    2. SBI emerging business fund – 3k

    Is this good options?

    Thinking of investing another 5K per month on 2 MF, please suggest some MF s.

    Is it a good idea to invest in 2.5k in MF and another 2.5K in PPF

    thanks in advance

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      The selection of funds is quite good and you can select your asset allocation based on your age and risk apetite

  40. BIPIN KUMAR says

    i want to get Rs.40 lacs in 15 years. Please suggest how much amouny per month and in which company i should have invest?

  41. Nine Million Dollars says

    Hi Soumen
    Nine Million Dollars Team would suggest you to invest more in mutual funds by taking your money from NPS. Reliance or HDFC Gold ETF is best gold ETF Fund

  42. Nine Million Dollars says

    It depends on fund to fund like reliance pharma fund, reliance equity ooportunities fund, reliance gold savings funds, sbi emerging business fund are good

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