List of Documents Required for Home Loan in India

Are you planning to get home loan?

Are you looking for information about documents required for Home Loan SBI?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you might have landed on the right page. In this article, we will give you complete information about home loan checklist of documents. Presenting genuine documents for home loan to your lender is the most important factor to be considered while compiling documents.

List of Documents required for Home Loan

To form a genuine list, let’s take two categories:

  • Salaried Professionals
  • Self Employed
Documents Required for Home Loan

Home Loan Checklist for Salaried Professionals

Income Proof – If any lender is looking to lend you in lakhs, the first thing he will look is your income proof through salary slips. You have to provide last three month salary slips including an employment contract from your employer. If you are an off role employee appointed through placement consultant, then you need to present a retainer ship agreement. This will form the basis for home loan processing

Employment Proof – You are required to submit present company employment letter and if your experience with the current company is less than 2 years, then submit an appointment letter. Also add your photo copy of your identity card in the list of documents of loan

Residence Proof – In the residence proof, you can present your passport, latest telephone bill, electricity bill or a driving licence

Banking and Investment Proof – Among the list of documents of home loan, you also need to submit your bank account proof by submitting last six months bank account statements of your salary account and if you have invested in mutual funds or fixed deposit, do add a copy of that also. The bank would check your average monthly balance, transactions made in your bank account and check if there are any cheque bounces or not

Photograph and Age Proof – Bank can judge your current age from your passport or from your driving licence or a PAN Card. You also have to add your passport size photograph in case of single home loan and an additional photograph of joint owner in case of joint home loan

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Property Proof – You can present registered Sale agreement of the residential flat between the builder and the home buyer. Your home loan documents would also include a certificate from the legal appointee and chartered accountant of the builder certifying that the builder has good reputation in the past and has not mortgaged the property with anyone else in open market

Home Loan  OR Property Documents Required for Self Employed

Income Proof – Unlike a salaried professional, you need to show your last 3 years income tax return certificate to your lender duly attested by your approved chartered accountant. You also have to submit your last two years balance sheets of your company or business to your home lender that may be SBI or HDFC or any other bank

Business Proof – Though not required as a part of documents required for home loan, but you may also submit your last two or three years municipal registration proofs to your money lender

Residence Proof – In the residence proof for self employed also, the home loan applicant can present a passport, latest telephone bill, electricity bill or a driving licence to the bank

Banking and Investment Proof – Your property documents for home loan in India either with HDFC or SBI or some other bank would also include your last year current account statement and the transactions made in your saving account as well. Along with also disclose any kind of investments made in the form of equity mutual funds or PPF if any to your bank

Your photograph proof, age proof and property proof would remain the same as it was in the case of salaried professionals while completing your home loan documents checklist


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  1. Basavaraja.K.M says

    For the farmers what are the documents to be submitted, and as the farmers dont claim or pay IT how should they do. I Have Site NA, registration copy, Land documents, our income is through agriculture. I have gone through the Agriculture Dept, for income certificate. Is that ok.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hello Basavaraja
      As the agriculturist dont have to file IT return, so you show your income proofs along with the documents reqd as mentioned in the article. For further detailed info, you are always requested to visit your nearest bank

      Nine Million Dollars

  2. Sunny Sharma says

    I am interested in buying a residential land in U.P. If i buy the land i would be the 4th owner of the property. I have checked the papers and the papers of the first sale that is from the municipal corporation to the first owner is missing, only these papers are missing and the rest are all there in perfect condition. The current owner has done all the legal formalities for the missing papers like FIR, Stamp Paper declaration etc but still i would like to know will i be eligible for the loan with these papers.

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