How Does Bank Loan Settlement Impacts Your CIBIL Score

If you are one of those guys who have availed a bank loan that may be a home loan or a small amount of personal loan or you have used credit card and haven’t been able to pay the amount in time, this article might be worth reading for you.

At this point of time, you would be approached by bank recovery agents or you might receive calls from your lender that you have the chance to settle the bank loan which means you are asked to pay a much lower amount than what you are owing to your lender. The CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900


Question: Does Bank Loan Settlement Impacts My CIBIL Score or Not

The answer to the above question is Yes

Settlement of banking loans is only a temporary solution to your daily worries like frequent reminders by your lender to make payment and harassment by the recovery agents, but it is not a permanent solution. According to Credit Bureau rules, all cases of “Non Payment of Loans in Full” have to be reported to CIBIL and CIBIL would inturn give you a much low credit score once you have made a settlement against your bank loan.

Example: If you have a bank loan which you are unable to pay and you decide to settle the bank loan with the bank. You would also receive NOC from your bank in such a case after you get your loan settled. Your bank would report your bank loan settlement case to CIBIL and CIBIL would mark you settled for next 7 years and it becomes quite difficult for any individual to get a loan passed in the next 7 years and even after 7 years, you need to work quite hard to improve your credit score to enable yourself get a bank loan or a home loan.

Normally banks and other financial institutions deny to grant loans when you have a credit score of less than 750.  In case you want to “settle your loan” make sure you might not be able to avail any home loan, car loan or personal loan for atleast next 7 years as it gets reported to CIBIL.

Question – How to Remove Name from CIBIL Defaulters List

Sol: See, there are two things once you default on your loan or make a settlement with the bank. You get a low credit score on your CIBIL report and also you are marked with the word “Settled” in your report. The only thing which you can try is to go for a secured loan like loan against fixed deposit or home which you are owing and repay it comfortably whenever the EMIs are due. But sometimes it becomes quite difficult to get a secured loan from the bank too. I have also seen some people having multiple loans and after making the default on first loan, their credit score got worse. But after making timely payments on other loans for next three years, they were able to improve their credit score.   Second way to improve CIBIL score is by making timely payments of bills and EMIs (this not only save you from late payment charges but also helps you to improve your credit score), having less number of credit cards, utilising least possible credit card limit


Post Your comments if you have some bank loan settled or you have some query regarding improving CIBIL Score?


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  1. Amit says

    I am defaulter for PL since, 15 months and wanted pay in full. however, I can’t pay it in one go. I asked my bank representative to give me another chance so that I can pay the outstanding amount in small EMI’s. They are not agree with this. I tried to settle the loan and they become ready. However, when I come to know that even after settlement you will not get any loan for then next 7 years. I canceled the idea of settlement.

    I am tensed and seek advice urgently.


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Amit

      If you feel that the EMI is too high, you can consider having a meeting with your bank branch manager (advances department) and consider
      1. Ask your bank to restructure or refinance your loan
      2. Ask your bank to defer EMI payments for ONLY a few months and then continue with the same and ask them to charge late payment charges known as “Delayed Payment Charges”

      Nine Million Dollars

        • Nine Million Dollars says

          Hi Dev
          It may take time to improve your cibil score. pay loans in time in future but it may take 5 to 7 years for your cibil score to improve

          • Hunnsraj says


            I have taken the personal loan from Barclays and settled 3 years ago. Its really hindering the chance of getting the loan for me. Now I am looking to remove the Settled word from the CIBIL report.

            Can I get the second chance from the Bank to pay the pending principle and ask them to close this in CIBIL?


          • Nine Million Dollars says

            Hi Hunnsarj
            Once you get name in CIBIL REPORT, It takes time to get your name cleared from CIBIL Report. It may take time

          • says

            Dear Dev & Amit,

            Your score gets impacted every time you do not pay your instalments or credit card dues on time. When you miss 6 such payments, the bank is likely to consider you as a Non Performing Loan or Write-off.

            At this stage your Total Amount Due ( TAD) is a sum total of your principal, interest and any penalty charges.

            Depending on your financially position, you can either pay the entire TAD or pay the minimum amount that the bank is willing to “Settle” for.

            The benefit of settling is that your score freezes at that point and is not likely to deteriorate further. However it does not help to boost your score up.

            There are various banking products that are available to help you boost your score.

            Should you wish to learn more about how to improve your score and become loan eligible, you may want to check out our website.

            Best regards

    • says

      Dear Amit,

      I understand your predicament. The best way to understand and improve on your score is to obtain your CIBIL CIR and get professional advice from companies like ours to help you with the score improvement and resolution of past issues.

      There are specific products available to improve your score faster. You may seek appropriate consultation and advice.

      Best regards

  2. Lakshminath says

    Hi This is lakshminath,

    one of my friend misused my credit card, then i have done settlement for 2 credit cards and now I have 588 cibil score. now i do not have any loan and credit cards…

    can you please tell me how to improve this.

    I have done settlement on 2009 for one card and second on 2011 Jan…..

    can you please tell to come out of this problem…..

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Vivek says

    Hi there, I Credit Report is pretty damaged. I did not pay my Barclay Credit card dues for a year and the same was settled for Rs.30,000/- instead of Rs.55000/-. Now, how do I improve my credit score which is rock bottom at 545. If I take a Loan against Gold or FD and pay regularly, will it be reported to CIBIL. What is the best way to repair the credit score and quickly.

  4. Sandy says

    I have settled 4 CCs as I lost them but when I checked my Cibil score its 754. However, I am denied for a PL. When checked with bank they said, its because I have settled CCs but score is good. Now what to do for getting PL? please suggest.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Sandy
      Your concern looks decent. But banks generally dont look at only one factor i.e CIBIL Score. Your previous history including settlements are also taken into consideration

  5. vineet says

    hi i applied for Pl and it got declined
    my score with cibil is 800
    i did default in Credit card payments couple of times

    i am going for PL to clear my cc outstanding
    since hdfc has declined now what is the way to get PL

    I am regular on my home loan i have never defaulted in payment of home loan emi

    Can you pls suggest at the earliest.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Vineet,
      The CIBIL score doesnt improve in a short span of time. You have to continuosly show your regularity in EMI payment of home loan to enable get personal loan. Meanwhile, you might approach other banks

  6. Akshara says


    I have defaulted 2 credit cards and I am going for loan settlement for lower amount. SO this would be reported in CIBIL as ‘settled’. But if I get a secured loan like home loan (EMIs will be repaid on time), will the score improve?

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Bank Loan settlement would decrease your credit score plus would be there on CIBIL report as “settled”
      Further regular payments of home loan would help in improving it, but it would take a minimum of 7 years (if I am not wrong) to help you avail a loan

  7. Suresh says

    i have one CC is settled with very low amount (10,000). when i discuss with bank they didn’t tell me it impact to the CIBIL and set status as settled. once i got my CIBIL report in my hand, i have communicated with bank to pay rest of amount to clear in CIBIL. they said they don’t have any option now, the account is completely closed. Currently My CIBIL score is 715, will i get Home Loan? is it impact on my Home Loan.
    please suggest any way to pay the rest of amount and clear the CIBIL report.
    Thanks in Advance..

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Suresh
      Your CIBIL Score would improve slowly and you still have that on your CIBIL report “settled” Your CIBIL score. CIBIL Score above 750 looks safer to get home loan

  8. sanjay says


    I am a defaulter of credit card and want to go for a PL .Will I be getting the same and if not is there any other option to get PL.

  9. Vijay Kumar says


    I have settled one Credit Card in 2009. Recently when i have taken the Cibil Report, Cibil Score is 814 and Credit Card Status – Settled. I am planning to apply for Housing Loan.Will i get a housing loan with 814 score and Credit Card Settelement.

    Please help me in knowing the eligibility for Housing Loan.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nine Million Dollars says


      Thought your CIBIL score is good and well above 800 mark , but in your CIBIL report,it would show “settled”
      This might create problem in getting loans in form of house loan from banks like ICICI AND HDFC Bank

  10. Rose says


    I have settled one of my credit card for 61,000 (outstanding 78,000) and I have got the settlement letter from the HDFC bank. I have my home loan and PL paying my EMI’s on time. Will this affect my credit score in Future?

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Rose
      Irrespective of the amount of settlement, this would impact your CIBIL report and show “settled” in your CIBIL report

  11. Rose says

    How to improve my CIBIL Score? should i want to pay the remaining amount so that i can get loans in future. Is there any other options to improve my CIBIL Score

  12. Rajasekaran S says

    Hi Nine Million Dollars

    I have settled my HDFC Bank Personal Loan on 2009. After that i have applied PL last year (2012)two banks denied my loan. How to improve my name in CIBIL. As per bank they are clearly saying here after you are not eligible for PL because I have settled my PL (HDFC PL). Kindly help me how to address this issue.

  13. ravu says

    remember one thing dont ever settle PL or CC which has crossed more than 5 years after default,.. once if you once settle loans after 5 years ,your name will be entered in CIBIL and you will not get any loans upto 7 years,.. Amit has done write thing

      • Nine Million Dollars says

        Hi JBB
        If you are able to play safely in your credit history for next 7 years, you might get loan after 7 years

        • Baalu says

          Hi My situation seems like Amits,

          Due to rescission in 2008,I lost job and I screwed up my CC and PL history,I have settled 2 CC’s and didn’t re-payed tenure amount for PL and the other CC’s.
          But I have Home Loan account and paying the tenures without breaks

          Now I am in position to clear the loans.
          please suggest me on the following

          1)If I repay and clear all the CC’s and PL’s what would be the result of my credit score and will it adds value to my credit score
          2)it is nearly 5 years done and now if I kept quite what happens after 7 yrs.will my name removed from the CIBIL and can get loans further ?
          3)at both cases(repaying the loan amount or ignoring to clear my loans)what will happens to my credit history,when would get a loan here after ?

          Your value suggestion is required
          Thanks Baalu

  14. ANIL says

    Hi Nine Million Dollar

    i borrowed a education loan in 2006 INR amt 3 lakhs. i have deposit 2.20 lakh in it. still i have 1.60 lakh out standing. now i want to pay all my dues. how can i do it. please provide resolution.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Anil
      This is nothing but loan prepayment. You can do it. Earlier RBI abolished charges on home loan prepayment. I am not sure about the charges on prepayment on education loan

  15. Shiv says


    I have got 3 credit cards and a home loan as well.For the last couple of months i had defaulted on paying my credit card dues.But now have paid the required minimum payment for all the 3 cards to get it bck to a current standing.How does this impact my CIBIL scores and what are my chances of getting a personal loan as i want to pay the entire credit card balance since im being charged with high interest charges and the balance does not go down.

    Kindly Advise……..Thanks !

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Shiv

      As you have not got credit cards settled, but you defaulted, you might have low credit score. Keep a check on your credit score

  16. says

    hello sir,
    i taken a PL in 2006 for Rs. 35000/-, i paid through salaries a/c for 6 to 7 months. since from their i forgot to pay becoz i am not working any were i have finincial problum, agents of icici coming to my parents residence and harasing them to give details about me.
    can i take a help of police .is their any major problum for me in future.
    pls kindly help me out from this .


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Priya
      In such a case, you can ask the bank officials that you want to go for bank loan settlement if at all you are interested in the same. Secondly, personal harassment is not legal in such cases

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Dev
      You need to improve your credit score by different ways like repaying future loans on time. But this will take time

  17. Subhashini Y says

    Hello Sir,

    2 Years back I have done few settlement for Credit Cards and Personal Loan. Now I have checked my credit score with CIBIL and it’s saying my score is 843. But I am not able to get any kind of loans… can you please help me out?

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Subhashini

      That might be because your credit history still shows loans “settled”

  18. aashish says

    i have taken an education loan of Rs 216000 from SBI in year 2006, out of this loan i have used only Rs 160000/. But due to my family uncertainties i was never able to pay off the EMI and interest to bank. Its been 7 years now that i have not paid anything against my loan and recently i came to know from bank that my case has been forwarded to Stressed Assets Recovery Branch (SARB). Now i am worrying about the interest charged and other charges added to the loan. Since i have very very week financial condition being a single bread earner in my family (my father passed away 2 months back, he was bed ridden from last 7 years and am not able to save single penny due to this circumstances), i have decided to start paying to the bank even a small amount on regular basis. i want to know is this possible that bank waive off the interest & charges and increase the moratorium period to start the fresh EMI as low as possible. if yes then please help how can i forward my request with bank and what are the powers exercised by the SARB.

  19. Sunny says

    Dear Sir,

    I am applying for a business loan with my partner. His Credit Rating is 841 and mine is NA since I have recently availed CC but all payments are made in time are on time. But my father due to downturn in business 3-4 years ago has a very bad credit history and is still settling previous accounts will this affect my application.

  20. says

    I obtained a loan from ICICI bank in 2006. For some unavoidable situation as I suffered from TB, I had to settle my loan amount with bank in the year 2007. Now where do I stand in my credit score.

  21. Bhuma Iyer says

    Dear Sir

    I sifted through some of replies given by you for queries. They were so good that it encouraged me to ask a very pertinent question regarding a friend of mine.

    This young lady had taken a housing loan from a leading nationalised bank along with her husband the main applicant. It was mutually decided by the spouses that in the 1st six month the EMI would be borne by one of them and for the next 6 months the EMI would be paid by the other spouse.

    Suddenly since last one year, both these people have estranged and a divorce petition has been filed in the matrimonial court. For more than a year now, the husband has not been paying his part of the commitment and under pressure from the bank, my friend (i.e. the wife) paid up 6 months dues to the bank. However, since last six months, she too has stopped paying the EMIs as the responsibility of her child and herself has come on the her. She communicated the same to the bank and they said that the only option left is to surrender their rights to the flat so that the bank can initiate recovery process through auction. And the after the sale as per market reate, they would deduct what is due to them, and equally divide the balance and would pay the couples individually their share from the sale proceeds.

    She on her part has conveyed her willingness to surrender her rights to that flat. However, the bank is insisting that she needs to get the consent for surrender form her husband too. But the catch here is that they both are not on talking terms and as the court has barred him from harassing her mentally and physically.

    I would appreciate if you could let me know how this issue could be resolved as she has not intention of going back to him and for maintenance of her child and her safety she needs to buy another flat once she gets sale proceeds.

    Kindly advise urgently.



    • says

      Dear Bhuma,

      These days it has become quite common to see such instances. While I cannot comment on legal and marital problems, I can certainly provide my views on the banking issue and what can be done to come out.

      Firstly, the payment obligation to the bank for the loan is a joint responsiblity. It is a matter of convience that the couple have decided to bear the responsiblity equally. Hence if one of them defaults, then both get affected when the bank reports such default to the credit bureaus.

      This means that it is likely to impact the loan eligiblity and hence the borrowing capability for both. It is important for them to understand this and try and work through a practical solution.

      Similar situations often happens in any partnership. While there may be various other differences, one needs to safeguard and protect one’s credit standings.

      Hence I would recommend your friend to take a practical, pragmatic and unemotional view on this and look at a solution.

      It is important that they consult a financial counsellor to understand the implications and also the avaialble options.

      Best regards

  22. Gaurav Parashar says


    There are few Issues which i have, could conclude most of the queries which is coming to you : A) I had CC in year 2005, i did not pay till date even after lots of settlement offer but my Credit report is not showing any status like written off or any thing, would it impact my score.. though current balance is showing amount of 50K.
    B) Simililar case of PL where no status is there. I took a loan is 2004 for 3 yers paid till 2006 then couldn’t pay, there is Current balance in report but no status.
    C) Took a HL in 2009 and paid completely in 2011, once i pull out the report came to know it is not updated till date current balace is showing 3lcs which i paid. now got a mail from CIBIL that it will be updated.. can i know how increase in number approximately by updating this amount.
    D) I had one CC in 2008, i settled but status was written off with some current balance, i wrote to bank and they agreed to change the status, when i again pull out the report not status is settled & current balance is Zero, will it improve my score.
    E) I had PL of 3.5lacs whcih i have been paying with out fail, yesterday it got closed completely with EMI bounce or delay, if it comes in closed status in CBIL report will my score improve.

    My current score is 600, i want to make it 750 what best i can do, I have ben paying all loans after 2008 but prior to tht in those bad days couldn’t do much now i have settled one CC and planning to go for PL which is of 2004. I paid my another PL in full ( Point no. E), I am paying 34K every month my HL since 2 years still score is not improved. Please suggest.

    • says

      Dear Mr Parashar,

      As you may be aware banks and credit institutions report repayment performance on loans and credit card dues to the Credit Information Companies. Such data will include both prompt payments made and defaulted payments made. Where ever there are defaulted payments reported, it is likely to cause a negative impact on your credit score or credit rating.

      While there are many nuances in a credit report, let me enlighten you on certain key things to observe.
      1. What is the status? Is it Blank or Something written there?
      2. What does the DPD columns show ? is 000 or some number?
      3. Is there a closure date updated? Or is it blank ?
      4. Is your current balance 0 or is there an amount against it?

      Based on the above you may need to identify the possible improvement options.

      You may check our website to understand how you can come out of the situation.

      Best regards

  23. Deepika says


    I have settled 2 credits cards and both are closed with no dues to the bank. I have recently applied for a personal loan. The Cibil reports says “Settled” against the credit cards and the Bank Manager wants me to write to Cibil and remove that status. My question is how can I request Cibil to clear that status of “Settled”, whom should I approach and how long would the procedure be.

    Please advise me regarding the same,


  24. Sunil says


    Please help. I have a pl with hdfc and the outstanding amount is 39000, they have offered to settle it for 22000, but i know if i settle this loan my cibil report will read “settled” and i will not get a loan in the future.
    I want to and i can pay the entire amount so that my cibil improves. please help me on this, how can i do this. awaiting ur reply

  25. Sharad Sharma says


    I had a personal loanwith ICICI bank which I was not able to repay due to some financial problems and later on I did settlement with the bank. So I just want to know would I be able to get a student loan.

  26. Mini Bhaskar says

    I have 3 creadit cards for which due amount is around 2,97,000 and i am not able to pay the minimum amount since 3 months. Now, i have applied for restructure of my card and Citibank is ready to do that however, they are saying my CIBIL record will show restructure and i am worried for future if i want to get any loan. Will i get it.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Mini
      Yes the bank officials are right. If you are going for bank loan settlement, your name would go in the cibil report as “settled” and you would have low credit score then. Then it may be difficult for you to improve credit score and get loans in near future in next 5 to 7 years

  27. Sivaram says


    My uncle misused my card and used full amount 40000/- and now i inquired to pay the amount but it may go to 165000/-. Even though i am ready to pay the full amount. Can i get any Loans, Credit Cards after my full payments. Please suggest me how to improve my CIBIL score. I became a scope goat because of my uncle’s mistake. Please suggest me.

    Thanks in Advance.


    • says

      Dear Sivaram,

      Unfortunately CIBIL does not know your card was misused. Since you are the owner of the card, you now need to resolve this so that you can get loan eligible. It is not difficult. You have to follow systematic and disciplined credit management so that you can rebuild your credit health.

      You may seek professional advice at to help you with your score improvement,


  28. abha says

    I have 5 credit card settlement and nw my name is in cibil how i can come out from this list. Please help me.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Abha
      You need a lot of time to make your credit score look clean. Refer to our article on how you can improve it. It would normally take about 5-7 yrs

  29. DINESH.R says

    HI Nine Million Dollars,
    If i ask my bank to defer house loan for 2-3 months and after which if i am prepared to start re-paying my EMI’s and the bank bank too agree for it, will it affect my CIBIL scores and upto what extent.?

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Dinesh

      Out of total 100% of your cibil score, close to 35% is contributed by your credit paying history. RBI has given a maximum period of 1 year to defer loan paynments. Delaying payments may dampen your credit score

  30. ZA says

    I’ve recently got my CIBIL report and I’ve got the score of 833. However, I’ve one settlement of Credit Card, which was done 3 years back. In spite of having good score, my report still reflects the word ‘settled’ in front of this credit card account. Would this results in declining of my new loan applications?

    I’d applied for car loan around 6 months back and it was rejected. I thought it was because of poor rating but when I got the report I can see a good rating as I do not have any pending loan EMIs and Credit cards. What could be the reason of this rejection.

    Please suggest

  31. Aditya says

    I have tried applying for a credit card. My cibil score is 754.
    However, banks keep rejecting my credit card application.
    I have an overdue with HDFC bank which was because of their error.
    What should i do????

  32. Srinivasan says

    Hi Team,

    I have received education loan amount of 2.1 lacs at 2006. I have paid just intrest from 2006 to 2009. After that I never paid single dues. Bankers asked me to pay 1 lac to regualize the account. My current education loan amount is 3.5 Lacs (with intrest). My tenure will end at 2015.

    My question is, I am in a position to repay the full amount so, If I would settle my education loan completely, will I get home loan or not. Please advise. Thanks in advance

  33. Manish says

    Hello Guys,

    my credit score is last time when i removed it was 537 and now when i removed it is 545. I had taken personal loan from India Bulls in 2007 which i was fail to pay but later this year 2013 i forclosed the entire amount what india bulls asked to pay. There was one more loan which i took from Citifinancial in 2006 which is not paid till today, but there is something which i would like to share i brought 1 home theater from Bajaj finance i don’t know how it got approved but i got it in 2011 now thing is i got CC from Bajaj only to buy consumer goods limit of 50,000/- but when i completed home theater loan i went for a LCD which was costing 67500/- for that again i got it from Bajaj i finished that aswell with no emi bounce now the current loan which is going with bajaj is 1,35,000 consumer loan. I would like to know if i pay Citifinancial loan aswell and pay the current on timely basis will me score improve or no please help.

  34. Sumeet says


    I had 2 CC which i defaulted, but I paid the complete default amount and not settled for a lower amount. I also got a NOC letter from both the banks stating NIL dues. My current CIBIL score is 718 so will I be eligible for PL or Home loan now?

    Please advice as i have recently booked a flat.


  35. Sam says

    I took a consumer loan from bajaj finance in 2005 and all my cheques got cleared. But due their manual to computerized migration, by mistake it showed two payments due. I showed them all proofs and got No Dues or NOC from them in 2011. But still my CIBIL report says written-off. I contacted bajaj people to change the status but they are taking time and delayed response. Any other way to show this proof to CIBIL team and erase this written-off?

  36. Karthick J says

    Hi Team,

    I have defaulted my educational loan payment which i should have started to make payment from the year 2011, but i dint make payment and now i have decided to close my loan since i got an offer from the bank for waiving interest, now what i wanted to know is once i close my loan people say my name would appear in CIBIL but status as settled, will this affect me getting any other loans in future? and i came to know from others tat i will not be able to get loan for next seven years. Please advise me whether i can close my loan and is there any possibility to remove my name from CIBIL or my status as settled.

  37. vijay says

    I have some PL (2) , BL(4) & Credit cards (3). I have lost heavily in my business so could not pay their EMI’s on time. I have requested all the banks to restructure the EMI’s so that my monthly outgoing is less so that i can work on my business. But all are not willing to do the same. I know I have taken the loan and I must repay them. But because of present situation I am not able to pay them. My question to you.

    1. Can i ask them for 6 months break in paying EMI’s after that I will pay the EMI’s regularly. If yes kindly inform how to do it?

    2. How reschedule all the loans. If yes kindly inform how to do it?

    3. Why this Banks wants to settle the Loans even after I am ready to pay them after some time.

    4. How to stop harrassements like visits, phone calls so that I can work on improving my business.

  38. says

    hi……..i Bharathi Rajesh last 2004 i taken sbi card and 2005 i taken icici card and hdfc pl and 2009 i taken corporation bank pl up to 2008 my payment history is good ofter 2008 i am not able to pay now i cleared sbi got cibil clear letter and noc i taken and i cleared full hdfc noc i taken and i cleared corporation bank noc i taken before my cibil score 534 ofter i clearing all my dues excpt icici card what is the score i will get pls mail me immediately.

  39. Raghu says

    Hello Sir,

    I had 5 credit cards since 2008. One of my uncle misused 3 credit cards and didn’t repay it. Even I couldn’t able to pay it back as it is very huge amount. I just changed my mobile number and escaped from the banks. But recently I applied for home loan and it got rejected because of CIBIL report even though my salary is good.
    I have 2 doubts here first one is If I don’t repay it for 7 years will I get any loans from banks after 7 years ?
    If I got for settlement of those cards can I get home loan now immediately. My salary is more than 35k per month.
    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

    • Raghu says

      Also let me know does this CIBIL score will have impact on my career. Right now my CIBIL Score is 400.

      • Nine Million Dollars says

        Hi Raghu
        If you have a low cibil score of 400 which is too low, you may not get loans in the near future. Sometimes, you may find it difficult changing job or jobs with low credit score in CIBIL report

          • Nine Million Dollars says

            Hi Dev

            Yes you are true. But there were some examples in the past which have rejected employees on the cibil score. I have also read on other blogs

  40. Balbir Singh says

    I have completed my HDFC Loan of rupess One Lac. with settlement. But my name is shown in CIBIL. I have taken the NOC.
    Please help to remove it.

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi Balbir
      As you said, if you have settled your loans, your name would appear in CIBIL report and would take 5-7 years to improve it

  41. Hari prasad says

    I had no idea my credit was bad. The guys at Credit Sudhaar analysed my report. The process took some time but my credit was restored, enhanced and protected. I have no reason for complaints.

  42. Anand says

    Hi ,

    Recently my Citi Bank CC application got rejected. They are not providing the excat reason why they have declaimed this application. I am suspecting that my name should be in CIBIL. But historically I did not settled any credit cards. Only one time there is check bounce for Consurable loan due to in suffecient funds in a bank (auto debit). After 2 day of check bounce one executive cam to my home and taken the payment. Will this incident affect my credit score ?

    How do I know whether my name is there in CIBIL ? and how do I know the list of incidents that effected the Lower CIBIL score

    Please provide the answers to my above 2 questions.


  43. vinay says

    My father has made his personal loan settled. does it affects me while availing the loans in near feature

  44. samyak says

    I have restructured two credit cards in past. Out of these , i have paid all emi’s on time for one card and closed it and got the noc as welk and for other card will be closed next year.To improve cibil score i have also taken credi card against fd and am using it in a disciplined manner. My current score is 611. How much time it will take to improve it and what impact the status of “RESTRUCTURED LOAN” on my cibil repory have on my near future loan applications. I dont have any other credit cards.. how can i improve my cibil score further…?

  45. Praveen says


    I have taken personal loan from Fulletron India Pvt Ltd in the year 2011 and i was able to make prompt payments till 9 Emi’s but i lost the job and due to lot of financial issues could not make the payements now i want to go for settlement. can any one advice on the same.



  46. Krish says

    I had a CC loan of 9 lakhs for my business which i settled in 2010, under one time settlement after 2 and half years of my default. I had taken a car loan last year from Mahindra finance which I m a regular payer. How will it reflect in my CIBIL. Will I get Loan in future.
    P.S: My financial position has improved remarkably after 3 years of loan settlement.

  47. Pradeep says

    I got my credit score little low only due to wrong information provided by my auto loan provider. I am doing ECS from Federal Bank and all the EMIs are paid correct. No default only date changing (actual EMI date is 5th and few months its transferred on 6th even though there is suffient balance, may be due to sunday) and they given information to CIBIL as DPD/AC is for 4 months as “030” and this reduced my cibil score to below 720. I have proof for correct payment of emi (bank statement). Can I get it corrected and imporve my score?

  48. FRANKLOAN says

    1: NAME: …
    2: COUNTRY: ….
    3: LOAN AMOUNT: ….
    5: PHONE CONTACT: ….
    6: OCCUPATION…….
    8: SEX AND AGE……….

  49. atanu raha says

    At present I am in defaulter list because I have missed some payments of HDFC credit card. I have settled my account 4 months back . My CIBIL score is 660 now.But I have taken a decision to clear total outstanding. If I do so , then shall I get loan in future?? Or the loan application will be rejected as I was in defaulter list..

  50. says

    sir suppose the society is closed how can we get noc from society we have paid loan fully we have the document also but now the society closed how can we get the noc

  51. LS says


    I am looking for your inputs in regards to applying for a Home loan.

    I have a CIBIL score of 840, but the report shows about the 2 Credit Cards I have “settled” back in 2008.

    I am looking for a Home Loan of 25L INR. Since 2008, my track record has been good.
    From your experience, do you think I will be able to secure a Home loan from LIC or SBI. If so, please guide me, how do I approach them? I mean, any specific documents or explanation I need to go to them with.


    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Hi LS,
      You have got a very good score but the term “settled” is there. You may check with your banker for the same. No need of any special documents

  52. Prashant says

    Hi Nine Million Dollars.

    I had two personal loans which end in the year 2014 as there are some cheque bounces in the EMI payment as I was out side India.

    So now I visited both bank and Pre-closed my PLs with respective penalties.

    Now the questions are:
    1 When the CIBIL get update on my pre close?
    2 Will I able to get new Loan / Credit Card in future? If yes, from when?
    3 Should I intimate CIBIL on PL pre-close?

    Thanks for the help..

  53. kaushal says

    sir my score is 545 and i have setteled 3 credit card and 2 loan from ICICI and HDFC bank please tell how i improove my credit score and remove nigative marks and current i have 1 personal loan from Gramin Bank last 2 year and 1 car loan from recently closed in august 2013 and cuurntly 1 car loan taken from Mahindra & Mahindra finance company so please tell me if i paid regular EMI then credit score improved.and can i take loan in future

  54. kaushal says

    sir please tell me my credit score improved through credit sudhaar he is saying that have 3 plan if i take then credit sudhaar team will discuss with banks and help the improving cibil score and removing negative marking from banks in your credit score within 60days(max.) please tell me he is saying right . can i take 15000 primium plan from credit sudhaar. please help….

  55. Andy says


    My father was holding a CC for HDFC and did not use it at all. He got retired early this year. Bank is calling him and asking him to pay the outstanding amount. He asked about the details as he never received any statement, but bank is saying that they cannot give any statement now and he has to pay the amount. They are not even telling it over phone about the details of the amount.
    My father denied paying it now. He was threatened for his poor CIBIL score but since he has retired and doesnot have any other liabiity, he is not bother.
    Not bank guy is calling me and is telling me that if my father will not pay, even me, being his son, my CIBIL score will also be affected i will not able to take any loan

    Is this true?

    Please advice

  56. Binay kumar says

    I have finalize my property and looking for Home loan,i have CIBIL score 755 but in CIBIL report i found one of my credit card payment is due from last 2.5 years and this is creating problem for home loan,so suppose i will make complete due payment of this card then what is possibility to get home loan ?

  57. San says

    I have one CC is settled with very low amount (9,000) total amount is 23000. when i discuss with bank they didn’t tell me it impact to the CIBIL and set status as settled. once i got my CIBIL report in my hand, i have communicated with bank to pay rest of amount to clear in CIBIL. they said they don’t have any option now, the account is completely closed. Currently My CIBIL score is 530, please suggest any way to pay the rest of amount to show paid-off and to improve the CIBIL report.

    Please help me I am facing a lot of problem Please please ………..

    Thanks in Advance..

  58. Kishore says

    Hi ,

    Currently I’ve very low cibil Score ,due to the settelment’s of my PL loans and CCs . Now there is no chance of getting of PL and CC then how can I Improve My Cibil Score ?
    Could you please suggest me .


  59. Anikeath Baraathay says

    I had taken a Handy cam on loan from Bajaj finance and had a HDFC credit card. I settled the HDFC credit card paid the money and later closed the Credit card loan completely and had missed one EMI of bajaj finance which later with the taxes became 25,000 I paid the full outstanding and closed that account too. Now will I get loans and how can I improve my cibil as I have the NOC of closing the accounts and no dues??? Please assist…..

  60. Ajay says

    Dear Friend,

    I have a CIBIL Score of 832. I had settled a ICICI credit card amount of around Rs. 800/- only which according to me was not payable but I still paid the amount and now it shows as case settled in my CIBIL Report. The card had already expired before this settlement. It was around 3 years back. Despite a good score banks are still refusing me a credit card and not explaining any reason. Can u put some light on this and how to get it removed.

    • says

      Dear Ajay,

      It is regretable that despite a good score you cannot get loans. It is however not difficult to resolve.

      As you may be aware banks and credit institutions report repayment performance on loans and credit card dues to the Credit Information Companies. Such data will include both prompt payments made and defaulted payments made. Where ever there are defaulted payments reported, it is likely to cause a negative impact on your credit score or credit rating.

      The best way to understand is to obtain a CIBIL report and analyse it to understand the nature of your problem. Based on this, you would need to resolve the issues and choose an appropriate score builder option to build and maintain a good score.

      You may visit our website link provided to understand more about the various service options available.


  61. Babu says

    I have a loan of two wheeler from citibank which i took in 2004-5 of Rs 40,000.00 after few months i stopped paying the emi’s as i was not able to afford it. now i want to clear my dues and want a new loan. What should i do please advise??

    And if i have to pay so will the bank charge the interest till the current year???

  62. Kuldeep says

    HI ,
    I have Credit card of HDFC bank, i had a outstanding of 40 thousand, which I was paying the minimum amounts, but few days back HDFC put lien on my account and hold my funds, they have invalidated my Credit card permanently for future use. after that they deducted the hold amount from my account, I request them not put my name in defaulter list and assured that rest of my balance I will pay slowly, I am just 25 yrs and having long way to go yet, my score is at the moment, 630, but I am not getting any kind of loans, What should I do to avoid settlement by Bank, and to improve my Cibil Score.


  63. Mehul Dave says

    My application was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review.

  64. honey says


    I took a PL from icici bank and paid 31 of the 36 instalments then due to some financial constraints I could not give the money. While settling another pl with icici this January I enquired about it from the officer to which he said yes the other loan has been settled as closed, but now it has resurfaced again with the actual amount being around 18000 rs only they claim more than 70000 rs , please help me a way out as I am not in a condition to pay back this hefty some.

  65. prasad says

    It was nice reading your article.

    I need some help regarding personal loan, i had taken loan from fullerton, i defaulted twice , but then made full payment, i have NDL letter also, my current cibil score is 723 but i am not getting loan from any bank, can you please guide me. A call from your end would be highly appreciated.


  66. Ajay says

    Dear Friend,

    I have a CIBIL Score of 832. I had settled a ICICI credit card amount of around Rs. 800/- only which according to me was not payable but I still paid the amount and now it shows as case settled in my CIBIL Report. The card had already expired before this settlement. It was around 3 years back. Despite a good score banks are still refusing me a credit card and not explaining any reason. Can u put some light on this and how to get it removed.

  67. ravichandra reddy says

    hello, i had multiple credit cards, now i don,t have any of the CC as i settled all my CC. in 2009 representative of citi bank came and told that you have a change of settling the amount at the lower that the actual outstanding. i settled the amount without knowing the knowledge of cibil. since that time i am unable to get a loan any where. recently in applied for CIR and score is 642. how much time will it take for me to get a fresh loan.

  68. shan says

    I have agreed to settle a personal loan in two installments.
    Last month, I paid first installment.
    This month, I am not able to pay the second installment due to medical urgency.
    What will happen, if I pay the amount next month.

  69. Bhuwan R Manish says

    In the month of march 2013 i use my Sbi card (50000) , and month of april i am met with an accident that’s why i am unable to pay my last 5 month bill . i am paying my minimum amount from last two month . i also inform to sbi Bank and confirm i will pay my total balance including late fine & finance charges. kindly suggest my cbil is good or bad .

  70. Saurabh says


    I have settled 3 CC in 2010, I used CC for almost 4 years(before 2010) with regular payments and used 70% in all merchandises, but in 2009 recession I lost my job for 11 months and got settled 3 CCs in 2010. I got secured loan(Auto Loan) in 2012 from NBFC and I am repaying monthly EMIs regularly without any default, but recently I needed PL for 3.5 Lacs and I applied 3 Banks (1 by 1) but all 3 banks has been rejected my PL application, and my CIBIL Score is “767” currently.

    What to do now, how I can remove all CC reports as settled or how I can get unsecured loans from Banks??

  71. gaurav sharma says

    I took pl from icici bank 6 years ago unfortunately I was not able to pay it now I wnant to pay that loan but bank is asking to pay loan in 6 instalments for 15000 each .I can’t pay that their any way they can reduce emi

  72. Abhi says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Hope you are well

    I, just wanted to inquire whether paying off the personal loan in advance i.e., if the loan tenure is for 36 months and just in case if i have enough funds to pay off the outstanding loan amount including the pre-closure charges in the 10th month of the tenure would this affect my credit score with CBIL ?. I am not approaching the bank for settlement but to pay off the outstanding and be debt free. Also, till date i haven’t missed any monthly EMI’s.

    Kindly advice at your earliest.

    Thank you.

  73. Rajesh harijan says

    I am defaluter in Credit card while i am paying the 20000/ to the bank out of 39000 so am i able to get the home loan?

  74. raghu says

    Hi , I was carrying all credit cards, HDFC,ABN,SCB and also having the PL. last 6 years before, due to my job issue not able to pay the money of credit card and PL , each and every bank I have paid minimum 15 months after that not paid so far. Now I want to settle all my dues to come out of my mentel harassment. I feel very bad about myself , because of my issue , whole family is getting affected. Can u any one help me to overcome this problem. But one thing is clear I am not interested to take any loan for future because of my bad experience. need somebody help to over come problem.

  75. Vasanth says

    Hi Friend,

    I was using 4 credit cards, Due to personal issues i have settled all 4 credit cards.
    In cibil 2 credit cards showing the Status ” Settled” and other 2 credit cards status is “post (WO) setteled”. afterwards i got 1 citi bank credit card ,now i m doing payment in time, and my cibil score 722, I planning to take auto loan for next year, will affect this, please suugest how to overcome from this issue.

  76. sandy says

    I have Cibil score of 740, currently have one CC payment pending (about 75k).
    1 if i make Complete payment of the Card outstanding , how much will it improve my score
    2 Will i be able to take a personal loan at my current score?

  77. Sameer says

    My current score is 639 and I have an active car loan and one credit card which I’m paying regularly. How much time is required for my score to cross 750? I had couple of settlements in 2010 and after that I have not even applied for any loan

  78. Avinash says

    HI Team
    Have an educational loan on my name along with my father’s name. if we go for settlement for my educational loan will it impact my cibil score or just my father’s cibil score or both. According to my knowledge when I took the education loan in 2007 I had not furnished any details of mine I.e my pan card. Will my cibil score be impacted if it was a joint loan given on my my father’s document. Please suggest its very urgent as we have to decide in just 1 or 2 days.please give ur advice.

  79. Himanshu says


    I have had a PL for 3 yrs from HDFC & unfortunately my 11 EMIs were bounced alternatively. 6 Months ago i have paid the Total Amount Due along my last EMI. Also i am using a credit card from the same bank & limit utilization is 80%. Last week i applied for a loan from HDFC & they rejected due to those 11 alternate bounces & credit card’s irregular payment.
    Shall i consider that i am no more eligible for loan/credit from any financial institute or shall i go ahead & apply for it in other banks.
    Please advice, As i am worried to be marked as credit hungry in my cibil report.

    Himanshu Sharma

  80. Srinivas says

    I am a defaulter from cibil, my account is settled one year back,I didn’t availed any loan from any banks or financial units.Now i need loan what is the cibil status now? so how could i check

  81. Raj Kumar says

    I am transferring my Home Loan from one bank to another bank. I have CIBIL Score of 853. I have settled my two credit cards in 2011 and cibil report shows the status as settled.

    Will I able to get home loan. Plz advise

  82. Krishna says

    Hi Nine,

    I have not paid credit card bill from one year, Recently I paid total amount with out due and with out settlement . Also got NOC from the bank . How it will be effect on CIBIL,

    and Still it will be default for long time?


  83. Krishna says

    Hi Nine,

    I have not paid credit card bill from one year, Recently I paid total amount with out due and with out settlement . Also got NOC from the bank . How it will be effect on CIBIL,

    and Still it will be default for long time?

    Please advise

  84. naresh says

    I defaulted a PL of Rs.1 lakh, i took in 2003, due to unavoidable circumstances. I have neither settled my account nor am i paying any EMIs now. My CIBIL score is clean. However , as bank people are approaching me saying they have filed a criminal case against me, I want to settle this.. Guide me the best course.

  85. nitin says

    I having credit card , & on 2009 outstanding is 25000/ as now it is 56000.
    Now got offer from bank with two option 1)to settle the account by paying 15000. But they don’t offer the “No Dues Certificate” 2) pay 30000 for No Dues Certificate” & clearing the name from cibil. As on i am regulary paying Home loan vehicle loan, other credit card bill.

    Pl suggest which option i select. by selecting op-1 is my cibile score go down

  86. says

    I am defaulter of HDFC credit card due to some financial crisis, but now i want to pay the total outstanding. I had a word with HDFC people and they said that they will provide me NOC as well as cibil status would be cleared automatically ..

    Please advise what to do.If i pay in full so would i be able to make credit card again.

  87. saket mishra says


    My past records (3-4 years back) was bad, but at the moment I have a Transunion score of 843 points.

    I wanted to avail a car loan, do you think I may face problems. Axis is my salary account & ICICI is my savings account & i have applied at both the places.

    Please advice.


  88. Karthick says

    Hi I have been using HDFC bank account for almost 2 years & i have taken 2 bajaj fin consumer durable loans & been paying on time without however i delayed my emi jus once & paid the same within 2 weeks in cash with bounce charges later on checking found that bajaj fin have deposited the chk twice for 2 loan acc for which i show 4 bounces in my satement, apart from that i never had any other issues like late payments or settling loans or cards, would this affect my cibil score. I would appreciate your feedback.

    Karthick M.

  89. BHARAT KALRA says

    Hi my name is BHARAT KALRA, I am defaulter of barclays credit card since 5 years , due to financial problem i couldn’t paid the money yet. Now i want to apply for a home loan so Please suggest me what should i do to get the good Cibil score , Should the pay the full amount due with the barclay’s credit card with all the interests & with all the late payment charges since 5 years
    Should i settle the account with the minimum balance for which barclay’s is saying to do.

    Please suggest me

  90. AbdulG says

    I took HSBC credit card and used for only once, but then I didn’t pay it for long time for whatever reasons. But then I applied for Personal loan in HDFC bank and they said I have credit card pending payment and my name is in cibil with low score. So, I paid the whole amount to HSBC with fine and have nothing pending now and I took NOC also. After getting NOC, I again applied for PL but still they rejected. The amount I paid to HSBC is 3 years back. So can I get loan now(either PL or HL) as I have NOC also and paid the whole amount with fine without settlement? Please help me in this regard. I really in need of home loan. thanks!

  91. sangeet says

    Hi there,

    i have a loan with fullerton as pl for 64000 and bike loan of 44000 with bussan auto finance and i am paying in montly basis without pendings, But one thing i cant pass my dues through banks bcoz of my personal problem so i have multiple check bounces, but still im paying my dues through thier collection agents on monthly basis, is this affect my cibil credit score, please reply its very urgent bcoz i have applied personal loan with axis bank to take over fullerton loan. so please advice as soon as possible.

  92. shree says


    I wanted some info, I have a cibil score of 791. I have a home loan which I am paying regularly without any problem. I have applied for a PL now and now the bank says my past PL which I had taken as some chk bounces, they are reconsidering now. Will I get a loan?

  93. Bhavesh Ghadawala says

    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    One of my friend has used my 2 credit card and he was not able to make a payment on regualrly basis but someone he cleared the due. But as per the Credit card company their is still amount pending for my card which are of (18000 and 8500 respectively). He is asking me to settle both the cards as I had paid the principal and in few months I am planning to buy a Home loan from a national Bank like UBI, SBI, BOI. He says me that I will recieve the loan easily because it’s a secured loan and you can show to the bank that you had already paid the princiapl amount. It’s just the intrest which we had waived it off. Somehow I don’t agree on the things but reading the whole article.

    Can you please suggest me what shall I do, so that I am sure that I will recieve the Home loans.

    Thanks in Advance.

  94. Kumar says


    I am also stuck in situation where few credit cards were settled with agreed amount between banks and me. But non of my past personal loans or any loans are overdue or settled. All the loans are cleared without any outstanding. Also my credit scoring is more than 780, but still whenever i apply for personal loan its getting rejected. Do i need to approach the respective banks and pay the rest amount?. This was suggested by few of my friends. Also i came across with one of the executive who works for rectifycredit ( and suggested they will solve the problem by speaking to the credit card banks and settle either without any payment or some payment. Can we rely? Please suggest.

  95. sathish says

    hello sir i have cible score of 807….. but i have two crdit card and one overdraft……. my credit report shows overdraft balance 49000 and my credit card shows 80 percentage of usage…… but my history shows all payment of “000”……. now i am looking one used car for loan……… shall i get the loan from bank?????? please help with me……….

  96. Parthipan says

    I am also about to join KVB as clerk after 2 months from now as clerk. My cibil score is now 618. i have an Educational loan outstanding about 3.25 lakh for an sanctioned amount of Rs.2.25 lakh. If i do join bank and start paying the loan atleast every month 5K then i think i can stabilize my cibil score. My question is will i get an Housing loan from KVB after atleast 5 to 6 years in concession interest rate or I wont since i have a less cibil score. Will the banks will check its employees cibil score too while sanctioning the loan?? Please clarify

  97. sameer says

    I am sameer, working with a pharma mnc. my net credited per month salary is 35000 INR. Earlier i was having two PL from icici bank and one credit card from hdfc bank. but due to some finance problem i have settled one of my PL in 2010 and also settled credit card in 2011. recently i have checked my cibil status. my cibil score is 814, and in reports one of my PL written off status is showing settled. and my credit card written off status is showing post (wo) settled. current balance is zero. and my second PL status is blank as it was fully paid in time. currently i am not having any debt, loan, credit card and not paying any EMI.
    so kindly suggest me that can i avail PL.

  98. Arvind Kumar Rai says

    I have taken a personal loan of INR 5 lakh in July 2012 from HDFC Bank and a car loan of INR 4.65 lakh in July 2013 from SBI Bank. Till now I have made all my EMIs in timely manner. However, people from SBI advised me that I can make partial prepayment in addition to the EMIs whenever I feel comfortable, as it eases the principle. Infact I have made 3-4 partial repayment since I availed that loan. Now, I tried to pre pay the entire remaining principle of personal loan in September 2013 as HDFC doesn’t allow partial repayment. When I asked them the amount I need to pay to foreclose the loan, they sent the bill with heading “Settlement Amount”. I fear that even after being punctual and paying all the dues in or before time, I would be marked as “Settled” in CIBIL Report. Please advise as I want to clear my loan in order to increase my credit eligibility for home loan which I am intending to apply next year. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  99. vinay says

    i have citibank credit card which i settled for 130000 (out standing was 228000) and they have issued me a Settlement letter from bank stating writeoff and settled please advise is it ok

  100. sameer says

    I am sameer, working with a pharma mnc. my net credited per month salary is 35000 INR. Earlier i was having two PL from icici bank and one credit card from hdfc bank. but due to some finance problem i have settled one of my PL in 2010 and also settled credit card in 2011. recently i have checked my cibil status. my cibil score is 814, and in reports one of my PL written off status is showing settled. and my credit card written off status is showing post (wo) settled. current balance is zero. and my second PL status is blank as it was fully paid in time. currently i am not having any debt, loan, credit card and not paying any EMI.
    so kindly suggest me that can i avail PL.

  101. bhaskar.g says

    hai ihave the sibil report in that the outstanding is 1500. for that i called for settlment but bank people saying around 10000. this issue regarding HDFC credit card late payment( my last transaction late payment charge only 500 pending for that now 10000 ) also i was canceled the card from 2010 itself.

  102. pritam bardhan says

    i am a lone defultur, and my wife very recent join an other bank, is it creat any problem in her service life? pls suggest.

  103. prasad says

    i settled the personal loans , now i am facing problem for home loan ,
    if i pay balance amount in my personnel loan to the settled banker , than he will
    rectify the cibil score

    • prasad says

      i had 2 personnel loans settlements an score is 724 , with that loan settlements i am unable to get home loan , now can i pay the dues to the personnel loans , banker will change the cibil records

  104. Ashish says

    My name is Ashish , I checked my civil score today it’s 755. I have issue and Seattle cc on 2007 or 2008 after that I take car loan I full paid before time duration now I am planing to buy new can
    Can you please tell me cibil report will effected me ?

  105. says

    I had few cheques bounced during my EMI tenure which i paid them, and the last two EMIs i called the bank and paid them in advance. Later, the month itself i applied for Credit Card and it got rejected as the CIBIL score was low (735),

    I would like to know will whether my CIBIL score remains the same as 735 sicne i don’t have any loans to be paid neither any credit cards. or the CIBIL score change every month even after paying all the EMIs.

    If it remains the same what can be done.?

  106. kumaar says

    recently i setteld on CC with amount of rs. 12000. And i am also paying one EMI from bajaj finance regularly & also using one CC withtimely payment. My query is that my cc settlment would be affected in CIBIL. Now i am also lolking for PL

  107. says

    Hi ,

    I had PL in 2012 , Due to some financial issues I could not pay my 3 month EMI last year but afterwards
    I use to pay EMI timely .

    Let me confirm please If these pending EMIs will effect my cibil score .

    If it has become bad so How can I improve it .

    • Nine Million Dollars says

      Yes Amit

      It would affect your credit score on the negative side. You can improve it by paying EMIs in time from now onwards

  108. Aaditya says

    Hello Sir,

    I need your guidance and assistance. I’v e got a credit score of 891 as of today. I know which is excellent. I tried everything and now, I’m finding it difficult almost not possible to make payment to my Citibank C.C …overdraft loan facility that they provided to me. I’m been using this card from last 8 yrs, with not a single time late payment gone to them. I am somehow left with 1,80000 Rs in my hand and the total outstanding for the C.C is 4 Lac. What do you suggest me to do. I was hoping to get this settled for 1,50000 Rs. That’s the best I can do. They can either take it or leave it. What are consequences that may occur with me, apart from regular torture by them or collection agency. Can they come to house and demand money or seize bank accounts or pursue case legally. Pls suggest.

  109. sunil sharma says

    Dear Sir ‘
    I had taken a PL from ICICI Bank and settled the loan in 2009 .Now My present CIBIL Credit Score is 823 .but the problem is that the report is showing “SETTLED”
    and know I want to take Education loan for my son, will the SETTLED Status create any problem in my loan sanction. what is the procedure to remove this SETTLED status from credit report.
    Sir ,Please help me out of this situation as I am in problem.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  110. Randhir Singh says

    Hi All,
    My CIBIL score post settlement is 843, I am thinking of applying for home loan, will there be any problem in getting loan ? Please reply

    Randhir Singh

  111. says

    Hello Respected Sir/Madam,

    I AM Jugnu Arora (Jugal Kishor) How can i check my cibil status in hdfc banks and other banks and fields?
    i have facing lots of problems to get a loan because my cibil record is defaulter but i don’t know how its possible. I dont know what the reason behind this. please if u know anything in about this than tell me i m sure that it will help me to solve this problem.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mr. Jugnu Arora (Jugal Kishor).
    Contact No. 09971631352.

  112. Mrs Kathrine Lisa says

    My name is Mrs Kathrine Lisa, i am from Chicago USA, married, i have been searching for a genuine loan company for the past 3 months and all i got was bunch of scams who made me to trust them and at the end of the day, they took my money without giving anything in return, all my hope was lost, i got confused and frustrated, i find it very difficult to feed my family, i never wanted to have anything to do with loan companies on net, so went to borrow some money from a friend, i told him all that happened and he said he can help me, that he knows a loan company that can help me, that he just got a loan from them, he directed me on how to apply for the loan, i did as he told me, i applied, i never believed but i tried and to my greatest surprise i got the loan within 24 hours, i could not believe, i am happy and rich again and i am thanking God that such loan companies like this still exist upon this scams all over the places, please i advise everyone out there who are in need of loan to go for { } they will never fail, your life shall change as mine did.

  113. chalam says

    i was settled credit card 30 months back. right now i have a CIBIL score of 805 and one written off status is “settled” due to above said credit card settlement. can get personal and home loans with this score .sir kindly give the solution

  114. KIRAN WALUNJ says

    Hello Sir,

    I have taken home loan from GIC housing finance Panvel branch of Rs.5, 75,000. Loan sanction amount is 6, 80,000. I have paid 83 PRE EMI (5500 per month) from Sept.2007 till date. I have not received possesion of my flat from builder. I have also clear mortagare loan amounting 4,50,000 of builder in the year 2011. I have arranged this amount from friends, relative on personal interest loan.
    Now builder is axconding from last 2.5 year. Entire plot is belongs to builders name. there is no water and dranage connection. Property also not transfer in my name in CIDCO.
    Now I am paying monthy payment to friends, relatives and also paying PRE EMI to GIC. Now I want to sattle my home loan in GIC but GIC is not reday to sattle below 6,00,000.
    Can you put some light on this and suggest how to get sattle my home loan.


  115. Alok Sharma says

    Hi sir

    I have applied for Personal loan on HDFC Bank Sec-63 Branch . When i have aplied this the executive was told me the personal loan offer show in your account you are eligible for this so you have submit few document like rent agreement, electricity bill and say that after 12 hourse amount will credite on your account. unfortchunately the loan was cancelled then executive was ask me if you want to cancelled the loan you have given 1500 rs cash or cheque so i want confirmation that what is charge if cancelled the loan. i haven’t loan amount is credite in my account

  116. Prem Lokhande says

    I had done two PL settelment last Year. But from last Sven years I had paid My home Loan EMI regular bass. My home loan EMI payment can improve my cibal scor ?

  117. Sashank says

    Dear Sir,

    pls help me about my loan problem, sir i hv a PL in HDFC Amount 500000/- my E.M.I . is 12495/- still i hv paid only 11 E.M.I. so her my problem is i don’t hv any income source right now, i left my job on 2013 since my income is zero now 6 months i hv not paid my installment. so suggest mee what will i do

  118. Rajesh Elgum says


    I have settled one of my PL’s in the year of 2010. And right now my CIBIL score is 795. And recently (before 3 months) when I apply for a credit card I got it. Now my question is after 10 days of receiving the credir card(ICICI) I have applied for a PL and it got rejected. Now If I apply for a PL what are chances of getting it?

    Please clarify my doubt.

    Thanks in advance.


    Rajesh E

  119. Avinash says


    what will be the status of below mentioned points in my CIBIL(Settled or Closed or written off / and what will be DPD) in my case :

    1. I was having HDFC Bank credit card –> Card is permamently blocked–> I have cleared full amount that was asked from bank.

    2. I have taken PL from HDFC of 50K and I was supposed to clear this by April 2014 but I cleared it on 10th Nov 2014 in this also I have cleared all the dues whatever was demanded from bank(full due amount including late fees I have cleared) but only thing is I have paid late by 7 Month.

    3. I have taken Auto Loan from Bajaj Finance of 50K and I was supposed to clear this by May 2014 but I cleared it on 13th Nov 2014 in this also I have cleared all the dues whatever was demanded from bank(full due amount including late fees I have cleared) but only thing is I have paid late by 6 Month.

    If i am applying for Credit Card or PL now will I be able to get ?

    Presently I am not having any credit card or PL or any loans.

    Thanks in advance :)


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